In today’s tech-dependent world, it’s not surprising that people have started accessorizing when it comes to their mobile devices, not only to suit their specific tastes but also to protect them from any harm. Many owners have invested hundreds and even thousands of dollars just to ensure their devices are safe from scratches and bumps. Although, maybe the need to accessorize will come to end, due to reports coming from Japan about the release of an ‘undestroyable phone’ with ‘unbreakable glass’.

If you are looking for ways on how to protect your phone, here are some tips to prevent any physical damage to your precious device and prolong its life span.

Don’t take chances
Many travelers now leverage their smartphones when going on a trip, documenting every exciting thing that happens during their vacations. However, these extreme conditions can have some effect on your device -- if not physically through a bump, then the crashing of software led by the hardware’s intense exposure to water or heat. Not all smartphones are built with rugged features, and even if they are, it’s still best to take precautionary steps to avoid further damage. Never take any chances and as much as possible, keep your smartphone in a bag. It protects your handset from hitting the ground, extreme weather elements, and even exposure to liquids.

Get a rugged device and accessories
Many of the recently released premium smartphones offer rugged features that allow the device to withstand water and dust, such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Based on the product information posted by O2, the handsets come with P68 certification that proves it is water-resistant and is able to continuously run even when it’s exposed to rain. Its screen is also well protected by the latest Corning Gorilla glass to ensure the Super AMOLED display stays clear and scratch-free. 

However, having specialized, high-quality accessories will guarantee you have an additional layer of protection for your device. intelliGLASS recently announced its upcoming expansion by offering screen protection for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. It improves its external features and increases physical security on the device, from bumps and scratches. 

Quick response
If you happen to own a smartphone that isn’t water-resistant, then you need to place extra layers of protection on your device, as liquid can easily seep inside it and damage the hardware components. Usually, hardware costs a lot to repair, almost as much as it would cost buying a new device. The best way to counter this is by immediately responding to any problems. Drying out your wet cellphone is easy and can save you money on repairs if you manage to get it wet. Here are the steps to follow:
• Turn the handset off, and then quickly remove the parts of the phone (back cover, battery and the device itself)
• Dry off the contents of the device (battery, cover, and the damaged area)
• Fill a container with dry rice, while giving enough space for your handset
• Put all the phone’s contents in the rice container and seal it with a lid
Note: It takes about three days for the rice to absorb all the moisture from the damaged phone
• Take the phone out, wipe off the rice dust, place the parts back together, before turning the device on

You can watch the whole tutorial on YouTube. A quick response problems such as this, avoids further issues related to rust that can damage the whole smartphone later down the line. 

Protecting your smartphone depends on your awareness, common sense, and the durable accessories you use. It might help to consider getting it insured if you happen to be a clumsy owner who, in the past has damaged your phone. With the tips presented above, you are a step closer to ensuring you aren’t forking out for expensive repairs in the future.


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Written by AllTechNews